Al Segunda

Follow your dreams or face your fears; more often than not, they will lead you to the same wonderful destination. - Al Secunda
Al Secunda has spent most of his life exploring the realms of mastery, creativity, faith, and freedom. Growing up with several learning disabilities and a healthy helping of tension and fear, he had a challenging time facing each day and achieving his goals. In spite of these handicaps -- stammering, dyslexia, self-doubt, and performance anxiety -- Al was blessed with a persistent and resilient will to understand the nuances of success, self- fulfillment, and performing excellence. On his healing journey, he uncovered an abundance of principles, truths, and techniques which helped him to take back control of his life and realize many of his precious dreams. Al is now committed to sharing these discoveries with others.

From working at the most powerful theatrical agency in the world, to doing stand up comedy at the Improv; from being the tennis coach to some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities, to teaching doctors in Beijing about the secrets of performing excellence; from appearing on a Japanese game show, to having a disastrous audition on Broadway, Al Secunda has done it all and graciously shares it all in his books and workshops.

Al's widely acclaimed new book, The 15 Second Principle, offers fresh insights into the learning process, creating more pleasure in our lives, and realizing our dreams. In addition, he helps us to see the limiting mechanisms, stifling conversations, and fear-induced patterns that are restricting our lives and preventing us from tapping into our full potential.

Al is known as a dream coach who works with people to break through their internal barriers. Specifically, he is a motivational speaker, workshop leader, personal and business consultant, and tennis coach. His professional journey has taken him through the fields of business, writing, acting, comedy, music, and tennis. Al is the author of Ultimate Tennis, which presents tennis as a self-expressive art form. He has appeared on many national television shows and has lectured worldwide. Al received his MBA Degree in Behavioral Science Management from New York University. He has dedicated his life to the art of mastery and the pursuit of passion, persistence, and productivity. Al resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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